Take advantage of our wide range of products

We are proud of our large assortment and wide range of qualities, forms and dimensions. But, if you are looking for something we do not normally have in stock, we can resolve this through our large network of suppliers in Europe. The most important thing is that you, the customer, are satisfied.

Vi är ett kreditvärdigt företag enligt Bisnodes värderingssystem som baserar sig på en mängd olika beslutsregler. Denna uppgift är alltid aktuell, informationen uppdateras dagligen via Bisnodes databas.

Sheet Metal

Everything from sheet metal to a wide range of high-tensile steel.

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Tubes & Hollow Section Profiles

Welded and seamless tubes in a variety of designs.

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This product group covers long steel products with various cross-sections.

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One of the most common structural elements.

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Special steel

Special steel includes alloy steel with stricter tolerances.

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Profile sections

Everything from custom cross-sections to impact profiles.

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Stainless steel

Stainless steel is used in environments that, for example, are acidic and exposed to chlorides.

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A soft, light metal and a good conductor of both heat and electricity.

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We also have other products in our range.

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